Midwest DME Supply

Midwest DME Supply is an existing retail business that needed an updated modern web presence. Additionally, this project required a detailed business analysis, inventory management system, and options for local pickup and delivery.

The client previously was using Wordpress and WooCommerce. Shopify was chosen as the best CMS option for the client to maintain the all aspects of their omni-channel business operations.

A migration from these platforms to Shopify was performed along with a massive clean-up of data. Images were added and custom copywriting was conducted for the entire website. Additionally, custom liquid and JavaScript features were implemented.

Business Analysis


This small business is predominately a medical equipment and supplies retail operation, but also provides services for home care agencies, assisted living, and nursing home facilities.

After visiting the business and conducting a full analysis of everything from phone etiquette to flow-of-operations, it was concluded that this business was missing a user friendly website and e-commerce presence, and an inventory management system for retail and online sales.


The client wanted a way to integrate the various business operations into a more simplified framework, provide a seamless shopping experience for their customers, and to ensure their employees could adapt to the added workload.

Key Aspects
  • Find an e-commerce solution that can be easily customized
  • Research inventory management systems and integrations.
  • Provide ongoing support and training for client.

Solutions Implemented
  • Shopify as a CMS due to its scalability, easy front-end setup, integration options, and affordability.
  • Connect POS was chosen due to its flexibility and affordability for the client. The main benefit being the easy integration with Shopify as an inventory management solution.
  • The client was formally trained on using both the Shopify and Connect POS systems and was provided with custom operations tutorials to streamline tasks and processes.
Next Steps

After completing the overall business analysis, the client decided to secure my services for the long-term. Continuing to work together and building on the success of what has already been implemented will ensure that we focus on how things may be scaled or adapted moving forward. For more information, check out the project video.

Natural Chef

Natural Chef

Natural Chef was a private chef service that operated in Michigan, California, and Colorado. Specialized in event catering for people with food allergies and sensitivities.

Currently, this business is being restructured as a farm-to-table meal subscription based website. It will include online ordering capabilities, options for custom orders, and will offer local delivery and regional shipping.

More detailed information coming soon!

JEP Bath

JEP is a luxury bidet store that needed a better website to showcase their products. After a consultation, the client described their frustration with the Wordpress and WooCommerce platforms. Shopify was suggested and agreed upon as the platform to migrate the old website to.

The migration was straightforward and easy to configure on the Shopify platform. Minimal data cleanup was required. The client currently only ships in United States, so the backend configuration was seamless.

The frontend configuration was more complex. Building on the Dawn 2.0 theme, various customizations were needed to make the UX (user experience) more pleasing. The default zoom level on the images was off-putting and was scaled down.

Image optimization and compression were done to reduce the load-speed on the homepage. A custom coded button was also added to the featured product on the homepage.

The color scheme of blues and light greys were chosen to induce a calm feeling while maintaining a clean and crisp design. Custom copywriting for the collections, warranty, about, and return and refund policies were also implemented.

The client has retained my services for paid social media advertisements as well as offline localized direct marketing.

image of C.A.R.S. Website

C.A.R.S Associates

C.A.R.S. Associates is a successful consulting company in the automotive and aerospace industries. The client wanted a simple solution to host their projects and services.

The project powerpoint slides were converted to a slideshow using JQuery. Vanilla JavaScript was also utilized for interactive buttons and other transitions.

Custom copywriting was requested for this build. Theme oriented images were also included in this project. The challenge was researching and understanding the correct terminology associated with these industries.

Uno Mas Clothing

Uno Mas Clothing is a Los Angeles based clothing company. The client wanted a method to drive their Instagram traffic and social media following to a custom website. The choice for this project was Wordpress as a CMS in order for the client to easily update their company offerings.

WooCommerce was also chosen as the eCommerce solution enabling the client to take payments on their site. Custom PHP front and back-end coding was needed for various integrations, so as to not compromise the speed of the website.

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